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One out of four adult Americans have some form of sleep apnea. When you stop and think about it, we all know someone who snores or has trouble sleeping. Many resort to sleep medications or simply do nothing and continue living with this subtle handicap. Sleep Apnea causes normal breathing to be disrupted during sleep which results in serious concerns such as poor sleep quality, cardiovascular disorders, cognitive problems, and excessive daytime sleepiness.

Our clinic is led by Dr. Gary Core and his dental team who specialize in treating Sleep Apnea and TMJ problems. Stop losing sleep and suffering from pain in silence. Dr. Core and the trained staff at Core Sleep Solutions can help alleviate your Sleep Apnea and TMJ issues so you can lead a healthier, happier life. 



Why Treat Both Issues in One Place?

Known as TMJ or TMD, (Temporomandibular joint) pain is a result of sore facial muscles used to control your jaw. Everything from talking and yawning to chewing and swallowing activates the TMJ. What many people do not realize is that TMJ issues are often related to sleep apnea.
Sleep Apnea is a condition in which your normal breathing patterns during sleep are disturbed. Many Sleep Apnea sufferers clinch their jaw at night while trying to catch their breath or due to stress causing jaw-joint pain. People come to my clinic looking for treatment of TMJ because of this pain. It is then that I often discover that the underlying reason for their jaw pain is that they suffer from sleep apnea. At Core Sleep Solutions we offer multifaceted care and are able to treat sleep apnea and TMJ disorders.

Dr. Core Understands Your Sleeping Problems

Core Sleep Solutions of North Phoenix brings a unique perspective to your troubles with TMJ and sleep apnea. While working with patients suffering from sleep apnea, Dr. Core realized that he too was struggling with poor sleep. He was eventually diagnosed with sleep apnea, and has been wearing a specially designed oral appliance to control his condition for 7 years now. Dr. Core understands how much life can improve with the help of TMJ and sleep apnea treatment, and he wants to help you experience those improvements too. 

Medicare Approved Sleep Apnea Treatment

The Valley of the Sun draws retirees from across the U.S., and Dr. Core understands the value of Medicare-approved treatments. As such, he not only works with most major health insurance plans, but he also provides sleep apnea treatments that are fully covered under Medicare plans.
In order to maintain the best level of care possible for patients of Core Sleep Solutions, Dr. Core maintains membership in the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, American Sleep and Breathing Academy, and American Academy of Orofacial Pain. His association with these organizations allows him to stay current on the latest treatments and advancements in medical and dental fields. 

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Core Sleep Solutions offers two convenient locations in the Valley, with one in North Phoenix and another in Chandler. You'll find our central office near the border of Peoria and Glendale. Call us today to book a Sleep Study, or schedule a TMD consultation online now to learn about CPAP alternatives to help treat your sleep apnea.

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